AvP2 Timeline

by Cameron Rhyne
    |     AvP 2 by Monolith
An account of the events on LV-1201. Version 1.0 -I have written this document to help tie the events of AVP2 together in an orderly timeline and help curious players appreciate how the 3 storylines tie together. I have done my best to make sure everything fits together, but mistakes and lack of information might have lead me to the wrong conclusions (the times, locations and number of dropships from the Verloc was very hard to establish with seemingly conflicting information). Time conflicts also caused issues, and when they conflict (the exact time of the security grid at the Forward Observation Pods failing being a big offender here.), I altered the times to make them work as part of a whole. I have done my best to collaborate everything through in-game speech, briefings, times at the beginning of missions, and notes scattered about throughout the conflict. However, I have probably missed bits of information or gotten times wrong, so let me know what I got wrong and how it should be. Version 1.1 (Updated: Feb. 14, 2003) -Added the events concerning AVP2-PH, as well as expanded on Rykov’s smuggling operation and Eisenberg’s encounter at OP4 after certain events of interest were pointed out by Florian Mayer. -That being said. I welcome any comments, suggestions and corrections for this document and feel free to contact me at the address(s) above. However, if you notice a piece of information that appears wrong and have the correct answer, please cite what you base your information on. Attached Screenshots are great. An exact quote is helpful too. If not, a logical reason to support the change will be considered. -----------------------------------------------------------------
Building Better Worlds Weyland-Yutani Biological Weapons Division
Subject: LV-1201 Incident Date: July 12, 2231 On January 7th of this year, a company research facility on LV-1201 was rendered inoperable by forces beyond company control. The chaos of the events surrounding the loss of LV-1201 and the relatively few survivors has made it relatively difficult to ascertain the chain of events that lead up to the abandonment of the facility. Thus, by sifting through all available data, records and survivor testimony, I have attempted to put all the relevant events into their proper chronological order as to put the final days of the facility into their proper perspective. This report contains two sections. The first is a glossary for those not familiar with the history of the incident or the species in general. The second is a timeline of all important related events. Glossary Predator: Description An advanced alien species of unknown origin. Vassili Rykov’s notes described them as reptilian, with great physical prowess and strength, as well as extremely advanced technologically. They possess the ability to create plasma weapons and cloaking technology. He believed they were a tribal society that lived primary to hunt dangerous creatures (such as Xenomorphs or Human Beings). While the company does not officially believe the reports of such creatures, I am including them in this report for the sake of completeness, imaginary or not. The fact they were a major influence on Rykov’s Actions during the incident suggest that the possibility of their existence cannot be ignored. History Rykov’s Journal expresses the opinion that predators have been involved in human affairs on multiple occasions. He cites three confirmed incidents (in his opinion) in our past. The first is Korai, where he was almost crippled for life. The 2nd relates to historical research where he believes a similar creature had visited the city of Los Angeles on Earth in the year 1990 and a 3rd encounter in Central America in 1987. He also believes that testimony from the LA encounter proves that encounters have been going on at least since the 1700’s. At the present, these opinions cannot be confirmed, as his research has not been followed up as yet. Xenomorph: Description A hostile, alien species of unknown origin, exhibiting quadra-pedal or bi-pedal movement and an exoskeleton for protection. Also the extremely unusual defense mechanism for using acid for blood. Reproduces through parasitic methods that require a member be gestated in the body of another species. Some theories postulate that this allows them to incorporate host DNA/RNA to make them more adaptable. History First discovered by the WY commercial towing vessel Nostromo on the planetoid LV-426 in the year 2122, The Nostromo landed on LV-426 after receiving a signal from a derelict spacecraft of unknown origin and previously unknown configuration. During the crew’s expedition to the ship, one stumbled across a huge space filled with “Round leathery objects…. like eggs or something” that the ship has been theorized by some as being the vessel’s cargo. He was attacked by a facehugger from the egg and was brought back to the ship for treatment. Later, a chestburster exited from his chest, grew to its adult stage, and within 24 hours, killed 5 members of the remaining crew. The ships warrant officer, Ellen Ripley, escaped in the ship’s shuttle after destroying the Nostromo. She killed the creature after she discovered it aboard the shuttle by ejecting it into space. Ellen Ripley, during a company hearing about the fate of the Nostromo, claimed that WY had explicit knowledge of the Xenomorph before the Nostromo left on it’s final voyage. However, no evidence was found in company files to collaborate her story in this regard. In 2179, the ship was discovered again by a survey team from the WY colony Hadley’s Hope, which had been established on LV-426 in approx. 2159 to terraform the planet. The impregnation of the team leader, Russ Jordan, lead to the creation of a hive within the atmosphere processor and the death of 157 colonists. A marine unit aboard the USS Sulaco was sent to investigate the lost contact with the colony. The marine unit involved suffered extreme casualties, as well as losing its APC and a dropship before managing to escape the colony before its destruction, caused by the failure of cooling equipment servicing the processor’s fusion reactor. A single colonist was evacuated. A Xenomorph hive was later discovered on the planet LV-1201, due in part from telemetry date gathered from the LV-426 derelict, leading to the establishment of the company facility on that planet. Primary Operations Center (POC): The Hub of the LV-1201 Research Facility, built using standard company prefab colony design. Population of approx. 1,004. Consisting of 4 landing pads and a subspace communications array, this facility is the main supply and communications link for all company assets on LV-1201. Forward Observation pods (FOP): A series of large cylindrical towers suspended over a canyon floor by a large metal grid dug deeply into the surrounding cliffs. Originally numbering 5 pods, the 5th had been lost due to circumstances still not fully understood several weeks prior to the incident. It is connected to the POC via a series of security tunnels running beneath the mountains and a communication landline. It serves as the main research hub for the base, being only 6 kilometers SW of the main alien hive. To protect against Xenomorph infestation, the pods are surrounded by an electrified fence and several motion sensing mounted sentry guns. It is capable of operating completely independent of POC support for an indefinite amount of time. A series of skyways with explosive bolts make it possible to seal any particular pod by destroying the skyway connections. The only ground entrances are via large cargo elevators. Project Savior: A complicated, unauthorized, and, in hindsight, particularly costly operation conceived and undertaken by Dr. Eisenberg on Jan.6-7. Its goal was to capture an Empress alien, which Dr. Eisenberg perhaps believed would allow him to control the hive. The preliminary steps involved building a tunnel system that would allow his forces to enter the Empresses chamber at a moments notice, requiring only a few explosive charges to bring down the separating wall. A vehicle convoy would then be easily able to transport the queen elsewhere. The first step of Project Savior was the arrival of the marine rescue team, who had been told that several science teams were missing inside the hive. The marines would prepare for deployment to begin Search and Rescue operations near the edge of the hive. Once they were ready, the attack would begin with a surface attack upon the hive, consisting only of combat synths. These would draw the hive’s attention away from the Empresses chamber. The second step would be the simultaneous deployment of the Marines to the outer edge of the hive and the initiation of the Large Mass Specimen Extraction (LMSE), which would involve assault teams breaking down the final barriers to the Empresses chamber. Combat Synthetic teams with sentry guns would set up checkpoints outside the chamber to secure the perimeter. The hive tunnels would be wired with charges to seal them to prevent any Xenomorph access to the Empress. The marines were led to believe that the LMSE would be a diversion to draw the Xenomorphs away from the science and marine teams. In retrospect, it appears the opposite was true. Marine testimony combined with other evidence makes it increasingly clear that Dr. Eisenberg never intended for the marines to leave the hive alive, assuming that without bodies, there would be no way to prove when or where they died. The final step involved transporting the Empress to a secured location, perhaps under the assuming that the Xenomorphs would not attack while the Empress was a hostage for fear of her death. The Hive: An extremely large example of the primary environment for the Xenomorph species, located 6 Kilometers northeast of the FOP, consisting of several thousand Xenomorphs. Characteristics indicate it to be similar to other located hives, with all surfaces being primarily covered with a form of secreted resin (composition unknown) and the average temperature being approx 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) for incubation of eggs. Data indicates it was built above a crashed “Pilot” spacecraft and was probably the origin of the hive. The hive is also the primary area of operations for Project Savior. “Pilot” technology: A type of alien technology originally found on the planet LV-426 in the year 2122, in the form of a derelict spacecraft. The spacecraft itself was an example of incredibly advanced and little understood technology of an obviously intelligent alien species that we have extremely limited data on due to very few found artifacts at this point. A single deceased member of their species was found and has been dubbed “Pilot” or “Space Jockey” for lack of a better term (These names are also the accepted designation for this species). There are no examples of any working technology or living members of this species and it has been speculated that they are currently extinct. A second ship was recently discovered beneath the alien hive on LV-1201. Their exact connection to the Xenomorphs is unknown. One theory has been advanced that the Xenomorphs were engineered as biological weapons by the Pilot race. This theory is particularly popular among detractors of the bio-weapons division, claiming we are making similar mistakes. Timeline Various times indicated in available data logs were analyzed. Conflicting times were sorted out as best as possible to provide better understanding. 2211 AD July 13 10:03 PM: Vassili Rykov, at the time a Colonial Marine, is almost killed during an attack of unknown origin on a company weapons research facility on the jungle planet of Korai, during a USCM Search and Rescue Mission. He is the sole survivor of the attack, but is left paralyzed. Experimental surgery and drugs, some only obtainable through the black market, later help him to walk again, but he is unable to cope as a marine and is honorably discharged. Many also believe his sanity to be affected. He claims that he was attacked by a member of a hitherto unknown alien species that is able to fade in and out of sight at will. In retrospect, many reported him to exhibit growing obsession with these “Predators”(as Rykov calls them) in the intervening 19 years since the loss of Korai. 2215 AD Using telemetry data gathered from the Pilot Derelict on LV-426, The company sets down on LV-1201 and after confirming the presence of not only xenomorphs, but also pilot technology, begins constructing the Primary Operation Complex to support a full science team that will be needed to study the ruins. 2221 AD October 15 Dr. Eisenberg, leading Expedition One, a science field team of 25 members , sets up base camp at Forward Observation Post 2, south of the alien hive on planet LV-1201 to conduct the first close observation of the hive and study the xenomorph in its natural habitat with the aid of remote probes and synthetics. Minefields and Sentry guns defenses are put in place. Several other observation posts at set up with emergency supplies within a radius of several miles. November 7 Exploration of the Hive begins using Synthetics. For the time being, the hive is dormant and no xenomorph activity is detected , though traces of them are discovered. November 15 Xenomorph activity is sighted for the first time of the expedition and the team exercises increases caution returning to the observation post, irregardless of the fact the xenomorphs express no interest in the scientific team. November 25 Expedition One member Weller is attacked and killed suddenly by a xenomorph. This is believed by Eisenberg to be due to his physical proximity to the hive at the time of the attack, due to the Xenomorphs continued disinterest in the rest of the team. December 12 The blooming of local flora occurs. Security chief McCullouch, believing this to be a harbinger of increased Xenomorph activity and an end of dormancy, suggests abandoning the forward observation posts for those at a safer distance. He is overruled by Eisenberg. December 14 A device evident of advanced extraterrestrial technology, possibly a weapon, with a sort of tribal flair, is discovered. It is unlike pilot technology and far more recent in age, less then a decade old, according to McCullouch. McCullouch again urgently requests to withdraw to a safer to distance and is again overruled by Eisenberg. Eisenberg does, however, take precautions of ordering radio traffic be kept to a bare minimum and camouflaging the post. It has been hypothesized that the “weapon” was more evidence of Rykov’s “Predators” and their continuing visitation to LV-1201. 2222 AD January 1 A severe storm interrupts the power for the perimeter defenses at the Forward Observation Post 2. Within minutes, Aliens from the newly awakened hive take advantage of the offline defenses and swarm the post, crippling the dropship and killing several members of science team, including McCullouch. The remaining 17 (including Eisenberg) scientists take refuge inside the observation post. Rationing begins to conserve food and water until the rescue team arrives in 3 months time. January 5 Expedition One attempts to reach Forward Observation Post 3 but have to turn back when two scientists, Adams and Green, are killed. To keep morale up, Eisenberg begins lying to the others as to how long their food supply will last. January 10 Expedition One reaches Forward Observation Post 4 without casualties, only to find it overrun with aliens. Cut off from the emergency food supplies, starvation becomes a very real possibility. March 15 Prompted by the lack of contact with the Expedition One led by Eisenberg, a Rescue team is dispatched from the POC to look for survivors. Arriving at Forward Observation Post 4, Dr. Eisenberg is found as the only survivor, having been forced to resort to extreme measures to survive. The Rescue team comes under attack and several members are lost extracting Eisenberg. The Post is then abandoned. Eisenberg suffers mental anguish and scarring in the attack that never fully heals, resulting in visual hallucinations, paranoia, obsession with the alien, and flashbacks for years afterwards. Some have also suggested that Eisenberg’s recovery hinges on an extremely experimental medical procedure pioneered by his father, but no proof has been offered to that effect. 2223 AD In light of the tragedy concerning the loss of the forward observation posts, Dr. Eisenberg successfully argues for construction of a permanent and well fortified forward base, later to be known as the Forward Observation Pods. A series of well protected tunnels provide transportation through the hills and mountains between the Forward Observation Pods and the Primary Operation Complex. 2230 AD September 21 12:38 AM: Survey team 12 at Zeta site, reports the first significant contact with the alien presence there, which is believed to be connected with an artifact of unknown origin later discovered in the central chamber. Several combat synthetics are sent in, but all fail to make the 100 feet between the elevator and the chamber, the last one becoming non-functional within sight of the artifact. The Artifact, from later descriptions, is a piece of pilot technology, the purpose of which is unknown, but appeared to have a negative effect on the xenomorph behavior when activated. 7:06 PM: Major Dunya of the Mercenary group, “Iron Bears”, is called to a meeting with Gen. Rykov. A record of their conversation is unavailable, and immediately afterwards, Dunya leaves the pods for Zeta site. 11:40 PM: Maj. Dunya arrives a Zeta site, being greeted only by Iron Bears, who have and proceeds inside, leaving one of the bears for quick extraction. They encounter light resistance on the descent, before suddenly being assaulted by a huge wave of xenomorphs at the bottom of the elevator shaft, not far from the artifact chamber. Dunya’s companions are quickly killed, but buy enough time for Maj. Dunya to reach the relative safety of the central chamber that the xenomorphs did not wish to enter. Once there, general Rykov is contacted and informed of the situation. On his orders, a killswitch is attached to the pilot equipment in the center of the room to allow the artifact to be retrieved. Rykov’s Journals indicate that Maj. Dunya found technology at Zeta site that seemed different then normal pilot technology. Rykov expressed his opinion that this was Predator Technology. September 22 7:32 AM: The killswitch deployed by Maj. Dunya takes effect, shutting down all pilot technology in the main chamber, as well as causing a cave in that blocks the entrance. Faced with no other alternatives, she quickly obtains the artifact and begins making her way out of the ruins. At least once, she later reports, she has impression she is being followed. 9:34 AM: Maj. Dunya exits the alien ruins under Zeta site via a previously unknown exit before making her way through significant resistance to a waiting APC. 11:19 PM: The first of many incidents leading to the loss of pod 5 occurs, when a guard in the crater below pod 5 is crushed by a falling hatch. Later reports indicate said plate originated at a point where Pod 5 connected to a nearby pumping station and was likely the insertion point for an alien intruder. Soon afterwards, security for pod 5 goes down almost completely and Xenomorphs immediately begin swarming pod 5 through the latticework. Communication logs show that communication was scattered and frenzied after that point as Pod 5 was quickly compromised. Shortly afterward, Maj. Dunya is ordered to retrieve the artifact from a nearby storage area, only to get there just in time to see the artifact being stolen by an an alien creature wholly unlike the Xenomorphs and not readily identifiable, again the possibility of an aforementioned “Predator”. September 23 12:02 AM: According to security logs recovered from Pod 5, an unauthorized and encrypted signal is broadcast over the POC’s subspace communications array, aimed at space as yet unexplored in the Nodus Secundus system. The signal originated from Pod 5, and soon after, what little security that remained in the area was sent to investigate the security breach. According to his last transmission, the culprit was reported to be the predator, found with the Artifact nearby. has been pointed out by those who support Rykov’s belief in Predators, that Nodus Secundus is approx. 9 weeks travel time from LV-1201, fitting very neatly with the capture of said Predaters, aprox. 9 weeks later on December 1st. Conditions continue to worsen aboard Pod 5 throughout the morning, and the decision is made to abandon it. The bridges to the other pods destroyed and a team of Iron Bears and combat synthetics are dispatched inside to retrieve the artifact and manually activate the auto-destruct charges. The artifact is found, but is soon thereafter lost when those carrying it are ambushed by Xenomorphs. Those left begin to withdraw as the first charges go off, damaging much of the structure. Maj. Dunya spends most of the morning working her way down to the cargo bay, where she covers the evacuation of remaining personnel. 7:02 AM: The remaining survivors are evacuated from the cargo bay of pod 5 and the lift is severed to prevent contamination of the other pods. The final charges are then detonated and Pod 5 is destroyed as it is severed from the latticework support above and crashes to the crater floor. The Artifact is considered lost due to the extreme risk of any attempt to retrieve it. October 12 A class 2 investigative team, part of the Weyland-Yutani Weapons division oversight committee, is dispatched to LV-1201 with the intention of heading up an independent investigation concerning the events surrounding the loss of Pod 5. November 23 10:13 PM: The Freighter Aurora, arriving from Earth, sets down on LV1201, at the POC’s Landing pad 2, with 17 supply crates, several of which are later unaccounted for. Captain Jonas Richter, commander of the Aurora, is given a crate to take back to earth. 15 minutes prior to the ships departure, he is called away on the request of Gen. Rykov. During his absence, an unknown event damages the crate and breaks the containment seal, allowing the facehugger inside to escape. The facehugger quickly slips off the ship and into the ventilation system. Its movements from that point on are unknown as the next definite location of the alien is that of a small apartment near the East Gate of the POC where a presumably unaware civilian was ambushed and impregnated. Note: Strangely enough, Captain Richter apparently never returns to the Aurora, disappearing soon after the face hugger is found missing. However, the fact that said facehugger is missing is never reported to security suggests such an omission of critical information was deliberate. The report of Capt. Richter’s imprisonment, as well as reports of conflicts in visually accounted for quantity of materials shipped in, possibly altered computer records contradicting said visual headcounts, and questions as to exactly how a crate containing the facehugger came to be onboard the Aurora in the first place, suggests Rykov’s involvement in smuggling top secret and extremely dangerous biological specimens off world, possibly in exchange for black market drugs needed for his continued mobility. 10:30 PM: The aforementioned company class 2 investigative team leaves LV-1201 for return to Earth. Dr. Eisenberg, upon being questioned regarding the events of September 22nd, is hostile and non-cooperative, dismissing all concerns for security and loss of important artifacts from zeta site and elsewhere as pure fancy on the part of the investigative team. The recommendation to the committee is very harsh on Dr. Eisenberg and recommends his removal from not only the project, but also any position of authority on LV-1201. November 24 Approx. 3 AM: The impregnated Technician, likely haven woken up not long after impregnation completed, becomes the first fatality of the Incident when a chest buster rips through his chest and escapes through a nearby open window. The chest buster somehow manages to avoid security patrols and move undetected to animal kennels across the POC, where it goes to full adulthood after feeding on the cats and dogs contained inside. Approx 2 PM: Two scientists come across full-grown Xenomorph drone in the animal kennels. Xenomorph quickly escapes into the base, causes numerous casualties and freeing several Xenomorph test subjects. The test subjects are quickly destroyed, but original specimen evades capture and destruction. Sparse reports of an invisible, yet deadly force entering the near the North Landing Pad at the POC and wrecking additional havoc around the same time are noted here for reference. Gen. Rykov believes it to be lone alien of the species to as “Predators”. November 25 5:18 AM: Official reports classify this as the start of the Incident. At this time, a company technician alerts his superior to the escaped Xenomorph, still running free about the base. It is only now, when the Xenomorph has managed to work itself into the lower levels of the POC, that an organized containment strategy is put into effect and sentry guns are deployed. Unfortunately, it is too little, too late to stop the escaped Xenomorph and the creature soon after escapes through the pipes in the outflow system, very likely through a breach created by a large explosion of unknown origin not long after the original report of the containment breach. It should be noted that the sparse reports of what some believe was a “Predator” indicate it was moving towards the lower levels prior to the explosion. The lack of any contact reported afterwards could suggest a link between the two. Approx. 6 AM: Due to the increasingly likelihood of an infestation, the officer on deck at the POC issues the order to activate the distress beacon and sound the general alert to gain time to get civilians to shelters. Containment teams are also sent to the outflow system breach to hold off to Xenomorph infestation that is soon to come. However, the Distress signal is never sent. Comm. Logs of the day in question suggest that Dr. Eisenberg prevented this, possibly to avoid embarrassment and possible legal proceedings. Transmissions were also sent to Rykov, but it is unclear if received any such messages. It is unclear at this point whether the incredible lack of response to or even notice of an escaped Xenomorph until approx. 1 day, 7 hours after intial containment failure is due to the high casualty rate in the areas the Xenomorph passed through, overconfidence, incompetence or perhaps a combination of all three. Unfortunately, it is likely these answers will never be known due to the lack of survivors at the POC. Unfortunately, after this point, information about the status of the POC becomes extremely sparse and unreliable. From the information gathered and knowledge of alien behavior, the following can be concluded: the POC was quickly overrun by a Xenomorph horde coming straight into the base through the outflow system. USCM after-action reports also suggest that pockets of survivors had been able to “hole up” in various areas right up until the arrival of the Verloc. November 27 According to the testimony of Corp. Harrison, during his escape, he recovered evidence that Eisenberg had Captain Richter imprisoned at the FOP on this date, subject to release only with Eisenberg’s personal authorization. If true, then the belief on the part of many that Captain Richter was used as a scapegoat(albeit, a role not entirely undeserved) by Rykov to deflect blame from his role in the smuggling of dangerous life forms appears increasingly likely. November 28 According to crew reports, The POC is officially “Dead”, with the exception of the Northern and Southern Landing Bays, which are held by surviving guards and several convict laborers. Evidence gathered from USCM who arrived later indicates the area near the cafeteria near the North Landing Bay was the main base for those holding that portion of the POC, waiting for reinforcements or evacuation from Rykov at the FOP. The forces are commanded by an individual named “Baley”, who took over once the commander at the POC was lost trying fix the breached outflow system. By this time, a dusk curfew had also been enacted. Interestingly enough, it appears that after the POC was overrun, the FOP were isolated and fortified, with only a few key staff being told about the loss of the POC. Failure to send messages via the POC’s now inoperative, but not damaged, transmitter was explained as weather problems. December 1 9:08 AM: An unknown thermal signature is detected approaching the planet LV1201 by sensor equipment at the FOP. It intermittently disappears and reappears before it is detected within the atmosphere in Zeta Sector, south of the FOP. The image recorded is that of an alien ship of unknown configuration, not similar to that of the Derelict found on LV426. Gen. Rykov Dispatches Scientific research teams to the area. Contact is soon lost with several of these teams, as well as several containment teams of well-armed guards. These elements are soon pulled back later in the day once it is reported that two of the Predators have been captured using EMP grenades to neutralize their advanced technology. In light of the fact that Rykov was aware of these creatures abilities and killing power prior to the later examination of the creatures, it should be noted that the decision to send the science teams ahead into a no-win situation was a waste of lives and resources, despite the “fact” that it allowed several predators to be captured for study. 5:13 PM: The Predators are loaded onto APCs and brought back to the FOP for study. Due to the high causality rate among guards along the route of the APCs not long afterwards, it is believed that at least one of the creatures was tracking its captured comrades. 11:15 PM: A lone Predator arrives at the FOP and breaches the outer defenses at a point where the one remote sentry guns were down for maintenance. Not long after, the creature is able to stow away on a cargo elevator, gaining access to the pods despite organized resistance of guards and heavily armed teams of combat synthetics. The creature is finally stopped when it is caught in a gas trap prepared by Gen. Rykov, evidently in expectation of such an occurrence. Experimentation is begun on the Predator, along with its brethren. One is accidentally killed during the intervening 5 weeks of medical experimentation. December 10 All indications point to at least the North landing pad at the POC is still held and powered, with a general sense of bafflement as to the lack of response or attempted rescue from the FOP. December 15 Still no contact from FOP with defenders at the POC. Several guards are reported missing, but Xenomorphs do not appear to be involved. December 26 Several more of those defending the Northern Landing Pad are believed to be dead. Reports indicate it was not Xenomorph, but rather closer to the MO of a predator (although those there are not aware of this). Conflicts also begin arising between the guards and convicts, many of the latter of whom are unwilling to die for the former. 2231 AD January 5 A5 series synthetic programming decay becomes disturbingly advanced and one kills a guard near the South Pad by pushing it down the stairs. It’s reason: Xenomorph impregnation, despite the fact no trace of such was found. January 6 Jan. 6, 2231 is believed by many to be the focal point of the incident. It was on that day, that unfortunately, several unlikely events occurring within a short space of time of each other proved fatal for so many in the FOP and rendered the best laid plans of several parties involved to be at best, useless and at worst, disastrous. 5:10 AM: The United States Colonial Marine Conestoga class transport ship, USS Verloc, arrives in orbit around LV1201 and the Marines are awakened from hypersleep. After initial mission and dropship prep, the Marines are briefed on the situation. Objectives given to them are to land, secure the POC, set up a defense perimeter and wait for the 6th Marine Battalion to arrive. Survivors found are to be rescued. In accordance with the wishes of WY to safeguard it’s investment in the installation, proposed air strikes and use of heavy munitions are ruled out. 5:25 AM: Two USCM dropships leave the Verloc, but are separated by hurricane force winds that, combined with the lack of a landing beacon at the POC, force one of the dropships down near the tunnels north of the POC, damaging the dropship’s stabilizer and destroying it’s antenna in the process. Contact is lost with White Team aboard dropship 1. When contact is later restored with White team, it is revealed that they have secured the South landing Pad. During repairs, the remaining teams at the drowned dropship are divided. The first, Red team, led by Lieutenant Hall is sent to the colony via the South East entrance to restore the power grid. The 2nd is sent to restore security at the Northern Landing Pad. The plan immediately goes awry as a member of the 2nd team, Corporal Andrew “Frosty” Harrison, is separated from the rest of the team. This occurs after entering a structure that runs above tunnels leading to the North Landing Pad, when a proximity charge goes off, burying the entrance in rubble. Harrison’s Audio/Visual Links transmitter is knocked out, but he can still receive transmissions coming through the Marine Channels. His life signs also indicate he is not dead. The other Marines, head back to the dropship, while Corp. Harrison eventually makes his way to the North Landing Pad of the POC. He later reports no Xenomorph contact, but does report phantom readings on his motion tracker, mysterious explosions (some of which nearly destroy the bridge to the POC) and disturbingly skinned human corpses, hanging upside down. Other marines in different locations report similar things. There are also several reports of survivors, but none were alive by the time the marines got to them or were killed in front of them. Evidence of weapons fire is found. Around this time, the Dropship 2 has completed repairs at it’s landing site near the POC and takes off, hoping that the Marines on station will be able to get the North Landing Pad Available. Corp. Harrison, who has by this time reached the north pad, quickly restores power and the landing beacon to the field. The dropship lands seconds later and the Marines are in control of the North Pad. Feeling that the ship is still vulnerable and wishing to safeguard their ability to evacuate at a moment’s notice, Major McCain, Commanding officer of the Marines from the Verloc, orders Corp. Harrison to go to the nearest security station on Sublevel 3 near the cafeteria while Red Team continues to advance towards the power core, the remaining marines guarding the dropship. Harrison runs into numerous barricades but no survivors. He eventually reaches the security station and re-activates the local security nexus. Unfortunately, the activation of the nexus awakens the local Xenomorph hive out of the dormancy that they had apparently lapsed into after overrunning the POC. Harrison and Red team are both ambushed and are both temporarily stranded as Dropship 2 dusts off several minutes after the Xenomorph presence is awakened. It flies to the South landing Pad to rendezvous with the rest of the team. Harrison and elements of Red team both escape and rendezvous by APC near the entrance to north landing bay, but upon hearing that Lt. Hall was captured, disobeys orders while Maj. McCain is temporarily out of contact and goes to search for lt. Hall. His efforts prove fruitless as he finds her already impregnated in a newly created alien hive structure near the east gate and barely escaped with his life. 8:30 AM: Hall is pronounced dead. Deciding that the POC was gone and there were no survivors to be found, the remaining marines meet up at the South pad, which is still relatively clean of Xenomorph activity and held by White Team. A small contingent of marines leaves the dropship behind and continues on in APCs to see if the Forward Observation Pods are still intact, while dropship 2 is sent back to the Verloc. 6:55 PM: Marines arrive in 3 APC’s at the beginning of the tunnel network that connects the POC and the FOP. However, it soon becomes apparent the tunnels have been sealed to prevent Xenomorph infestation of the FOP and an alternate plan is put into effect. Corp. Harrison volunteers to enter the tunnels alone through a maintenance entrance and open each door, one at a time, so the APC can progress parallel to Corp. Harrison and provide fire support until they reach the security station beyond tunnel 4 and open all the doors at once to let the rest of the APC’s through. The progression through the tunnel goes according to plan, despite heavy Xenomorph presence and the loss of at least one marine and the security station is reached. A signal booster is set up in the tunnel to allow transmission from the FOP to the POC’s transmitter. Approx 9:40 PM: Using a virus created by Mother on the Verloc, the Marines hack into the tunnel’s security system and shut it down. Unfortunately, this causes much lager repercussions then expected. It is soon realized that, to protect the FOP, the security forced had tied the security system of the FOP to that of the tunnels. When the software for the tunnel security system crashes due to the virus, the software for the FOP security system also crashes, shutting down the electrified fences and automated sentry guns surrounding the FOP for a period of 15 minutes. During this interval, several swarms of Xenomorphs storm the FOP. 6 men are confirmed KIA and 3 science teams near the hive are MIA. At least one Xenomorph is believed to have made it inside. Approx. 9:55 PM: Three marine APC’s arrive at the FOP and encounter Dr. Eisenberg and Gen. Rykov. Maj. McCain offers to deploy the Marines to assist in rescuing the science teams while asking for permission to modify the FOP’s software to be able to send transmissions from the FOP to the POC’s now active transmitter via the tunnel signal booster. Corp. Harrison is sent to Communications Room to modify the software. He was unable to suitably modify the software and according to his testimony “ The computer started acting strangely. It began saying “Rosters Altered. Your Team is already….”” Note: This can be defiantly linked what we know about project savior. Harrison claims he was interrupted by a member of the Iron Bears, Maj. Dunya, who offered to assist him. The motivation for the following events is unclear, but it becomes apparent that the following events were an extension of the unethical activities of the top staff of the FOP. According to official logs, a convict managed to escape from the prison area of the FOP. Harrison attempted to help subdue him, but was accidentally killed in the process. The convict killed the guard and escaped into the vents. Major McCain is informed of this prior to being deployed to the hive. Corp. Harrison told a different story directly contradicting this. He states that he was knocked out and stripped of his weapons. He was put in a cell with another convict on the prison level. When the guard attempted to take him to interrogation, his cellmate, who had somehow procured a knife, attempted to kill the guard. He failed, but Harrison the opportunity to grab the knife, kill the guard and procure his sidearm, before escaping into the ventilation system of the Pod. Reports of Xenomorph activity on some of the upper decks and the inability of containment teams to terminate the contingent, leads to the sealing of Deck 24 of Pod 4 in an attempt to isolate the Xenomorph, but it’s use of venting and maintenance tunnels renders these precautions futile. 10:22 PM: One of the predators, apparently being studied by Rykov and prepped for Xenomorph implantation, apparently as part of a bid to breed a new type of alien, somehow breaks free of his stasis chamber just moments prior to commencement of the procedure and begins a rampage through the facility. Though it has not been fully explained how it managed to escape with no weapons or equipment, considering all were removed during capture. Contact records prior to and after it’s escape suggest it was an unintended side effect of actions of both a Xenomorph and the escaped convict/marine, though a conspiracy seems highly unlikely. Organized containment and order breaks down to near non-existent levels within Pod 4, due to various mechanical malfunctions (though the possibility of sabotage has not been excluded) that allow nearly all the Xenomorph test subjects within to escape and create a massive infestation of Pod 4. (Note: According to information recovered, Dr. Eisenberg’s reaction to this was “This prison was weak. We shall build a stronger one”.) While the possibility of this being an organized conspiracy is extremely improbable, the relative closeness of times for each of containment failures in separate locations seem too extraordinary to be just a mere coincidence. Despite heavy losses in the FOP, Eisenberg begins making final preparations for launching Operation: Savior (See notes). Marines begin deployment to the area of the hive. Dropship 1 at the South Pad at the POC at ordered to the forward pods. Approx. 10:45: Predator attacks are reported in the Cargo bay of Pod 2, one of which destroys a good section of the Cargo Bay wall. In an act of desperation, the Rykov orders dropship 1 to kill it by expending its ordinance into the bay. The order is not completed as the predator manages to get onto the dropship roof and cause it to go out of control. It crashes into nearby tunnels soon afterwards. Soon afterwards, the reports indicate company forces and synthetics exchanging fire with the escaped convict/marine in the same location, who steals a sizeable quantity of weaponry and ammunition before escaping with a company APC. 11:10 PM: Corp. Harrison arrives at the POC in an attempt to hook up with white team that was left there. He leaves the APC and begins moving through the now ruptured and infested outflow system towards the South Landing Pad. 11:25 PM: Gen. Rykov orders Evacuation procedures to begin due to the extreme nature of the security breaches and infestation at the FOP. 11:35 PM: Project Savior officially begins with the LMSE (Large Mass Specimen Extraction). Marine team begins search for missing science teams near the edge of the main hive, believing the LMSE to be a division to make extraction of the science team easier. Dr. Eisenberg manages to quickly isolate and capture the entrance, using her as leverage to temporarily make her protectors pull back. However, Eisenberg quickly begins the containment and extraction of queen once the flaws in his plan become quite apparent and sentry teams are overrun. Charges meant to seal the Empress from the rest of hive fail to explode, but Eisenberg escapes with the Empress in a small convoy prior to the Empresses defenders regaining the main chamber. January 7 12:10 AM: Marines in the hive pick up a large signal in front of them which they believe to be the science team they came to rescue. Harrison reaches the South Landing Pad, where the equipment is heavily damaged and no dropship is present. He also later reports finding remnants of his team, but is unable to link up with them due to attacks by Predators. He begins proceeding to Landing Pad 3 and claims to kill a predator along the way. Approx. 1:30 AM: An unauthorized transmission is detected being sent from the previously believed un-powered and abandoned Observation Post 4. A dropship is sent to investigate and expends a large quantity of ordinance destroying the transmitter, only to be destroyed minutes later by an unidentified craft with a thermal signature similar to that detected on December 1st, 2230. The Marines in the hive come across the source of the signal, several armed charges in the middle of a large breeding chamber. They realize they’ve been set up and begin evacuating. 1:50 AM: Dropship 2 from the Verloc Arrives at the North landing Pad and is taken over by Combat Syths loyal to Eisenberg. They are instructed to meet Eisenberg at the Auxiliary Landing Pad, 2 kilometers north of the FOP. Note: A recovered E-mail indicates his plans to move his research, and the Alien Empress herself, to Gateway. Evacuation of company personnel begins, but is relatively unsuccessful due to the lack of air transport (after the loss of at least 2 dropships at this point) and the increasing rate of Xenomorph infestation. Gen. Rykov apparently suffers some kind of mental breakdown and begins heading towards the Hive, through the tunnel that connects it and Post 4, clutching a mask he claims belongs to the “Predator Prince” that tried to kill him on Korai. He orders all his subordinates out and disappears. Not long after, security breaches are reported at Station 6, and at the Zeta archeological site, where pieces of what is believed to be pilot tech. are being uncovered. 2:15 AM: Dropship 3 is called down from the Verloc to landing pad 3. 2:36 AM: Last contact with General Rykov. All available information points to Rykov taking a company Exosuit and heading into the mines, still believing himself to be hunted by a predator intent on recovering it’s mask. 2:40 AM: Harrison arrives at alternate entrance to the hive to rescue his compatriots. He takes an exosuit and descends into the hive, finding a large alien structure, believed to be pilot tech. He starts it up before heading deeper inside. Unfortunately, the floor below him breaks under him and forces him to abandon the exosuit before going on to link up with the surviving marines. 2:55 AM: Eisenberg arrives at the Auxiliary landing pad with the Empress. However, a series of mechanical failures prior to the dropship’s attempted landing results in the crash of the dropship and the disappearance of Dr. Eisenberg. It is believed that either predators or Xenomorphs were responsible, as both were reported in the local area just prior to the crash. The following is a short reconstructed sequence of events just prior to the crash from the comm. logs of the Verloc. ETA 2 minutes: Hydraulics control One and Two for the Aux. Landing Pad fails to respond. The landing pad is unable to be raised. ETA 1 minute: Weather and telemetry data feeds to the dropship are lost. ETA 10 seconds: Landing beacon goes offline during dropship final approach. Dropship pilot urgently requests the landing be aborted. Eisenberg denies said request, insisting on a landing. The dropship, attempting to land blind on a sunken pad, experiences control problems and veers wildly in the hurricane force winds. It is completely destroyed upon impact. Approx. 3 AM: Harrison links up with the surviving marines in the hive/pilot ship and after a brief encounter with an alien queen, begins fighting a running battle as they retreat to the outside of the ship to the awaiting dropship. The dropship evacuates to orbit just seconds before a problem with the FOP’s fusion reactor cells rupture and destroy everything within several kilometers. Soon after the dropship reenters the Verloc, the ship leaves orbit with the remaining marines for its home base. July 11 Several related occurrences provoke the interest of Company Security. In the morning, a top company biological weapons scientist is abducted from his quarters on Gateway. 30 minutes later, the wife of the company weapons division plant on New Brazil reports that her husband did not return from his daily golf game. Several other similar occurrences bring the total up to three abductions and two missing by the end of the day. It is believed these are not coincidences, but rather matches MO of the Iron Bears, whom the aforementioned and now missing General Vassili Rykov was the leader was. A dark haired young woman, Likely Maj. Dunya, was identified as the leader of the team that was responsible for the gateway abduction. No ransom demands have yet been issued, so the purpose of these occurrences is as yet unknown. Conclusions: Subject: Dr. Eisenberg Dr. Eisenberg disappeared at approximately 3 AM on January 7, 2231 at the Aux. landing pad on LV-1201, presumably killed in the crash. The lack of a body could merely indicate he has dropped out of sight and has moved his operation elsewhere. This would likely be to avoid the near certain possibility of his eventual subjection to an ethics committee inquiry, termination and a prison sentence if found. However, the lack of any trace of him or contact in the preceding 6 months suggest otherwise. Current Status: Missing, Presumed Dead. Subject: General Vassili Rykov Gen. Rykov was last seen at approximately 2:30 AM on January 7, 2231 in the mining tunnels leading the main Xenomorph Hive on LV-1201. Like Dr. Eisenberg, no body was ever found. However, his obviously deranged state of mind at the time of his last contact coupled with the exceedingly dangerous area he was heading into, Exosuit or not, makes the possibility of his survival extremely doubtful. For all that is known, perhaps his hated “Predator Prince” finally caught up with him after all. Current Status: Missing, Presumed Dead. Subject: USCM contingent, USS Verloc After it’s involvement with the incident on LV-1201 and the evacuation of the surviving marines just minutes before the loss of the FOP, the USS Verloc pulled out of the orbit of LV-120, setting a course towards it’s home base. McCain’s final report on the mission specified extreme casualties with no sign of survivors from the planet and little possibility of finding any. Evacuation was reported as a total failure and recommended the scrubbing of further evacuation by the Marine 6th Battalion. Current Status: 4 survivors of the original landing force. One dropship remaining. Presently in earth orbit undergoing resupply, repair and reinforcement before next deployment. Subject: LV-1201 Research Facility Primary Operation Complex, as per Marine reports, is completely overrun by Xenomorph activity. Establishment of Hives in superstructure already evident as of Jan. 6, 2231. The odds of survivors are negligible. Forward Observation Pods are completely unsalvageable without considerable time and investment. The rupture of the fusion reactor cells only prevented the loss of the Pods to Xenomorph infestation. All scientific research is believed to be lost along with the pods. Current Status: Both the POC and FOP are gone. No confirmed survivors from the facility. Possibility of salvage considered not worth the investment needed. 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