Marines: The Art of Sniping(an AvP2 MP Essay)

by {TBW} Killa Dutch_L
    |     AvP 2 by Monolith
Pick your opponents off from on high... Intro The sniper rifle: one of the most powerful and certainly one of the most deadly weapons in the game of aliens versus predator 2. Don’t get me wrong though: although it is a one hit kill weapon (usually), if put in the hands of a novice, it can be an easy kill for an opposing player. Beginners Start out by just "feeling" the weapon out. Pick a point on a wall, move a good distance away, and start trying to hit that point (without using the scope). After a few shots, you should begin to notice that the gun shoots at an angle. Practice shooting at far away targets by lining up the angle. After you are used to the way the gun shoots, start to practice shooting at moving targets. One extremely common misconception about this is that you can shoot wildly at a moving target and think that your going to hit it. This is NOT true. A sniper rifle is not a melee weapon. It is a weapon that is used for quick, accurate shots. If you find yourself in a melee situation, keep moving, but line up your shot. You will find that when you slow yourself down, it is MUCH easier to hit a moving target. Strategies and Tips Ok, when you are a sniper, it is an obvious goal to stay hidden. When you start out on a level, look for perches (preferably dark) that will look over the whole level. When choosing a perch, it is important that it is one of the highest points on the level. Once you settle in, make sure you keep your zoom off and put your cursor in the middle of the level to get the best view. Once you see a target, it is easiest to hit it in the legs; it’s a one hit kill, and it’s a pretty large area to hit. If you are one of those stubborn snipers who always have to move, I recommend this: do not keep your scope on. You want to see the largest area of your screen so you have a better chance to see your targets. When fighting preds, you should USE YOUR MOTION TRACKER. Even though you are a sniper, preds LOVE to sneak up on you. Once spotted, they are an easy target. And once again, go for the legs. Its your best bet for an easy kill. (Especially in those tight corridors) When fighting aliens, you should not use the sniper rifle. But if you must, my best tip is to stay calm when they are attacking. It makes it even easier in a open level, if they pounce, you simply side step out of they way and blow em’ up. When in tight corridors, Ichiro, use your nades. Hope this helps.

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