The Origins of Queens and Queen Mothers

by Sterling Olson
    |     AvP Universe
A brief insight into how Queens become Queen Mothers and beyond... Recently I put up a forum about the creation of Queens, Queen Mothers, and Empresses. I am here to voice my own opinion. Queen I believe that an ordinary queen is born when one of these events occur: a Queen facehugger puts a egg in someone. When a Queen dies, a praetorian takes her place in the hive, usually after a bout of fighting within the hive to determine who gets this right. Queen Mother A Queen molts into a Queen Mother when one of these events occur: the Queen reaches a population limit where she can not control the hive any longer; she then molts into a Queen Mother so she can still dominate any Queens she now creates. When a Queen Mother dies, the remaining Xenomorph Queens duke it out to decide the new leader. To solidify a Queens power she must now molt to Queen Mother stage. Empress A Queen Mother molts into a Empress for a wide variety of reasons.I believe a Queen Mother has a endless supply of psi energy meaning she can not hit a population limit. A Queen Mother only turns into a Empress because she is constantly under attack, their is unrest among the Queens eg. There is a rebellion growing. I believe that if a QM turns into a Empress she will have the mental energy to batter down any rebellion in the Queens; a useful ability. if the hive is under constant attack I believe that an Empress can more efficiently control her troops. Meaning, formations, ambushes, and simply the ability to fightbetter. All in all, each of these royal breed are incredibly dangerouse, and should not be approached for further study. [Discuss in forums]

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