Machiko's Personal Log Part 1

by Trinity
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Machiko Noguchi Personal Log -April 14th, 2114 [Log: Yautja Society] [Discuss in Forums] Machiko Noguchi Personal Log -April 14th, 2114 It's been ten years since my last encounter with the Predator. I've had recent dreams about my experiences and feel the need to write up everything I know about both the Predator and the Bugs, the aliens. Both are sighted more and more often, and it may be necessary to train others regarding their existence and how to deal with them for the continuation of our race. My story begins in the year 2097. I was stationed on the planet Ryushi, a colony of humans called Prosperity Wells. I was stationed by the company. I will give a brief explanation of what happened without going into full detail. To sum things up, Predators came to the planet. They knew that we were here only until after most of their trip was made and they were practically in the atmosphere, the clan leader of the predators commanded the young to not hunt the humans because they were not part of their Rite of Manhood. The alien eggs were planted throughout the area, and they began their ritual. Our scientist, Mr. Revna, after a time discovered the dead specimens of the face huggers and went on a hover bike to the canyon where they were reported to be found, which was a lie. Mr. Revna ran into the Predators and from what I gathered crashed into their space craft. Its shields weren't on and so it blew up stranding the predators. This incident also knocked out the clan leader. So, nearly a dozen young, cocky, inexperienced predator students who had not been fully indoctrinated into their honor code were now running around. They disobeyed two rules, they started hunting humans and even worse, the new leader hunted a child (one of the most dishonorable things that you could do). The unconscious one was found and was taken care of by Mrs. Miriam Revna, also a doctor. When the predator awoke, he found another of his kind attacking the doctor and saw the trophy of a child on his belt. Plus, he was hunting a human. The clan leader hunted his own kind, an easy fight from such an experienced warrior. I named him Broken Tusk, due to his left, lower mandible being broken in half. We lost track of one another, and we, the doctor and I saw him hanging from the ladder that was connected to a water tower. Several aliens were after him. We picked him up using a chopper, but later the chopper crashed killing the doctor. Only he and I survived. We fought together forming a camaraderie between us. He's the only predator I have liked and fully respected and honored. Through a long ordeal through the lector, one of our ships that had the bug hive, we launched an escape pod simultaneously killing the bug queen. There was a navigational barge that I directed and it came down as we went up, it crashed into the lector and killed the rest of the bugs. Broken Tusk was pretty messed up by the Queen and he soon died leaving me his mark, this showed that I had passed The Rite of Manhood. I was now a predator adult. My full report is open to public scrutiny, copies of it are in every main office of the marines. So, if you want details of this incident, that is where you can find it. My favorite part of this ordeal was my first trophy, the bug queen's head. A search party started to look for Broken Tusk, I imagine it was one of the chieftains from Broken Tusk's clan. When they found me, and the chieftain saw my mark, I was officially adopted and I hunted with them. For the next two years I remained with the predators and soon will be sharing everything I learned about them. At another time, when the two years was nearing an end, the predators decided to hunt humans. At this time I was feeling extremely home sick and lonely. I was never truly accepted among their society, being a human for one and being a female for another (I'll explain later). So, I chose sides, but this time with my own kind. We won, and I thought I killed Shorty, a predator who didn't like me at all. It wasn't until five years later that I found out I just considerably maimed him. I was hired by a questionable man to find out what was going on, on the world he had bought. That's right, bought. He developed a hunter's planet. A planet filled with bio-chemically engineered creatures that hunters could pay a fee to go and hunt. Since he owned the planet, he wasn't under the scrutiny of the company's laws. Predators came down and enjoyed the planet very much. What my boss did not share with me was the fact that he had bio-chemically engineered bugs who could also hold weapons. This was an insult to the predator's honor code. When I bumped into the predators, I found out that Shorty had become a clan leader. I was surprised to see him alive. I fought him, but an android friend of mine cheated and secretly killed him with a laser beam. So, my execution for being a traitor was averted. However, these predators had a hard time accepting my mark and were about to try to kill me again in a couple of hours. But when they learned of the bio-chemically engineered aliens, they became our temporary allies. The situation down there was permanently put out of business. Well, that's my story in its basic form. The first is on public record, and the second is being sold on novel-discs, my biography that can be read by any computer. But now, for the business at hand--[Continue to Log: Yautja Society] or [Discuss in Forums]

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