Yautja Snipers

by {Fox I.}Alloran[T.C]
    |     AvP 2 by Monolith
Advice FROM a Pred sniper on ho to AVOID Pred snipers [Discuss in Forums] As being one of if not the best predator sniper in multiplayer avp2 (currently holding the record and YES I AM BRAGGING!) I have come to notice that the enemy has always demonized snipers. You never know where they are, they usually kill you in one shot, and you can’t kill/find them (tracking rockets not included). I love that feeling. Snipers have the longest lasting lives on multiplayer avp2 (usually because they keep their distance from the actual firefight). To be taking potshots over the shoulder of a stronger ground assault force. You’re so occupied with the heavy predator running circles around you with his plasmacaster that you don’t think about the speargun pointed your way clear across the horizon. Very scary feeling isn’t it? Well I’ll cut to the chase. I have composed a list of tactics and maneuvers which I HATE marines doing. Which is why they are the best counter-sniper procedures. Since I hate them, you’ll love them, so here they are. Never stand still. Snipers have a habit of being there whenever you decide to crack your knuckles or scratch your ass or whatever. Most snipers have VERY fast fingers and can pick your head off if you stand still for even half a second. Don’t underestimate a sniper. Just because they haven’t picked yer head of when your in the middle of a jump (COUGH) doesn’t mean they wont pull the trigger if you stop to type right in front of them. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to place three dots on your head and click a button. Jumping. GOD DO I HATE JUMPERS. You can’t snipe someone who’s running around like a steroid pumping bunny. I hate it which is why you should always do it, but be careful bombs are another weapon favored by snipers because of their large blast radius. They’ll bomb the crap out of you if you hop around too much. And it’s not a good idea to be pissing someone (whom you cant see) off. Find where the predator sniper is camped out To find the camped sniper (if he’s not camping but running around that is) is quite possibly the highest priority in any situation (fierce melee battle excluded). If you can find out where the yautja is hiding, you can camp out behind a corner nearby. Marines and Corporates do not have to rely on anything. Predators, however, rely on their energy for their cloaking. So if you wait long enough, the predator HAS to uncloak and sift. Sifting also forces a predator to walk around making him a much better target. Watch out though, once he’s done he will fight back in a frenzied “I don’t care if I miss I’m going to blast everything I got up his ass” attitude. Snipers, believing that kamikaze is another good way to die, will often bomb the crap out of the area and take both him and you out (and he will gloat about it you cant put his morale down) Smartguns, motion trackers, and proximity mines. Completely useless. Snipers can instantly tell what weapon your using (we can zoom in you know) and they wont work. We’ll simply stand still and wait for you to back yourself into a corner if your using prox mines, because you cant move unless you wish to send your balls into orbit, and simply send a bomb flying into you. Never trust your motion tracker. If it says he’s right in front of you, look up. If you stop to do a 360 to check it, you’ll probably die. Only use it in levels with one level, ones with 2 or 3 floor and ledges and such, they’ll usually be above you. Easier to shoot own that up as I always say. MCSU. Mobile Combat Sniper Units. These guys are your worst enemy. Trained to be a surgeon with bullets…while running around and chasing you. You can’t survive them. Yea if you can blow one up fast enough maybe. But usually they see you before you see them and they’ll shoot you before you can shoot them. Not to mention they almost always know where you are so you can’t sit there and wait for them to have to uncloak and sift. There are few people who can do this though. You need fast connections and a server with little lag. Not allot of that out there is there? However. If you realize that this guy doesn’t camp out but still drives tacks, well your best chance is to get motion tracking weapons (proximity mines, and smartguns) they usually keep their distance so don’t bother with the flame thrower. All in all there are 4 things you should do in case of sniper fire. 1. Grab grenades You usually don’t find one who will sit still enough for you to shot him enough to kill him. Explosions work much faster. 2. Never stop moving. Only stop if you ABSOLUTELY know he’s not anywhere near. Walk backwards, sidestep, jump and do 180s. Do ANYTHING to make sure he wont know what spot you’ll be in next 3. Keep jumping if you know he sees you (Remember, he knows you know he knows you know he sees you…ill let that sink in for a bit…) 4. Find out what his style is. Camping or MCSU. If he camps, camp nearby and wait for him to sift. If he’s a MSCU, run for your life and blast grenades everywhere and try to get a hold of a smartgun. Try to jump and sidestep a lot. Remember they usually are very accurate even if you’re both moving. Well I hope this helps you. Next time your up against a combat sharpshooter, remember the 4 rules of engagement ;) This is {Fox I.}Alloran[T.C] , saying goodbye Goodbye [Discuss in Forums]

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