mIRC Start-Up Tutorial

by Anise
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How to set mIRC up for the first time. How to set up mIRC. This page is intended to show you how to set up mIRC for accessing AVP2's IRC channel. This is an idiot's guide so every little step will be shown. If you are an experienced user then you can skip ahead as you need. There are many advantages to using IRC. You can send files to other users on the channel. You can chat to someone in a separate window so your conversation isn't buried in the main chat. The text you type appears immediately when you hit return. Text lines can be a lot longer. Text grows down the screen - not up. OK, you've downloaded the program so now you might as well double click mirc601.exe to install it. At the install window just click 'NEXT'. Just answer 'YES' at the next dialogue box. Just hit 'INSTALL' at next box. Click 'FINISH' when it's done. Start mIRC from the desktop icon or the START MENU. Close the author's nag screen with the corner X. A: Select QuakeNet: Random UK server. You also have the choice of a plain RANDOM server and US, Swedish and German servers. Pick the appropriate one for you, But any QuakeNet server will do. B: Fill in your details. The Nickname is what you want to be known as in the channel. The alternative is the one used if the Nickname you've chosen is in use. Once done: Click the Connect button indicated by B. mIRC will now connect (assuming you're actually on-line. You'll see a whole load of text go belting by. Subsequent use of mIRC will bring up this window so you just connect with the 'Connect to IRC Server' button. You will now see this screen. It contains a list of loads of chat channels. You can thin it down by deleting channels that don't interest you or you can delete them all by single clicking the first item in the list, scrolling down and SHIFT clicking the last item (they all highlight) then click 'DELETE'. They should all vanish. Now click the 'ADD' button. This box appears. Fill it in as you see here and click 'OK'. You should now return to the previous screen. Click '#avp2.net' to highlight it then click 'JOIN'. This should connect you to the channel. If you click 'NAMES' it will tell you who is currently in the channel. It does this in the main window so you may need to move this box out of the way to see it. And here you are! In the chat channel for AVP2.net. Cool or what. Just type away to your little hearts content. To chat privately to someone just double click their name in the right hand pane. To disconnect: Close the CURRENT channel window then click the ringed icon to disconnect from the IRC server. Now close the program. By the way, the little folder icon (2 to the right of the ringed icon) brings up the channel select window.

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