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Infobite Wanna join us?? Sites: Are you running your own Aliens, Predator or AvP site and want MORE exposure?? We'll give you a subdomain, server space [with FTP access], email account and promote you with all our strength. Should you need it we can also create a separate forum section on the main site for your guests and friends. You'll be able to submit news to our front page, and send out info to other sites with our [silent] blessing, utilising our reputation. Sure, we're small, but everyone has to start somewhere. We're not corporate so we'll do our best to avoid adverts [until me and Prezes run out of money], stupid limitations on your activity, crap like Filthplanet logins, etc. There ARE limits to what we can do [why hide the truth??], but we can discuss them and their solutions... Talk to us!!!!! We'll listen, think it over, and get back to you... Think about it and mail us! Clans: If you have a clan, or plan to set up a clan for AvP or AvP2, then the same space offer applies. Apply now We KNOW how hard it is to run a good site on the free space providers that always block your site when it becomes successful. Save Urself the hassle and join our server.

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