Predator Inventory

by Herne The Hunter
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Alphabetical listing of Pred equipment [Discuss in Forums] Note: Predator weaponry may vary widely in appearance. The description given is the most common description associated with the weapon. Key: AvP = Aliens versus Predator CCG = Customisable Card Game F.A. = First Appearance Acid Rounds (Scatter Gun Ammunition) F.A. “AvP – Alien Resurrection” CCG Expansion Description: Round, spiky projectiles which explode on impact, showering the target in acid. Burner F.A. “AvP – War” Description: A hand held gun that fires similar ammo to the plasma caster, only with more devastating effect. Rarely used on hunts, these weapons are employed in situations where hunters cannot afford to lose the upper hand, such as alien queen capture missions. Cloak F.A. “Predator” Description: Cloaking devices work by bending light around the wearer. Once activated, the subject appears only as a roughly humanoid shaped distortion in it’s surroundings. These devices are known to malfunction upon contact with water, deeming the wearer visible. Combi – Spear F.A. “Predator 2” Description: An extendable spear which can also be used as a club, when retracted. In a recent encounter some Combi – Spears where reported to have small darts in the end which could be launched towards prey (see “Predator – Cold War”). Dart Gun F.A. “Predator 2” Description: A strange looking gun which can fire a number of various projectiles. Emergency Breather F.A. “Predator 2” Description: A small mask covering the mouth connected to an air supply. Employed when standard mask are misplaced. Variations of this utility are also employed on underwater hunts (see “Predator – Hell & Hot Water”). Energy Grenades F.A. “Predator – Invaders form the Fourth Dimension” Description: Smaller than regular grenades, when thrown their blast has similar results to the energy pistol. Though smaller animals can be killed by the blast of energy, it is likely that they are only used to stun larger animals. Energy Pistol F.A. “Aliens versus Predator” PC game Description: A small pistol that fires a ball of electrical energy. Can be fired directly into prey; causing them to explode, or into the area surrounding the prey; causing the prey to spasm and fall to the ground. Only suitable for short range, as the energy ball moves in a downward arc. Extendable Sword F.A. “A Decade of Dark Horse – Predator 1715” Description: An extendable blade which can be used as a sword when extended, or a knife when retracted. Force Net (Dart Gun Ammunition) F.A. “Predator 2” Description: A net with several darts around the edge. When fired at prey, the darts embed in the area behind it and the net cuts through the skin like cheese – wire. Grenade F.A. “Tarzan versus Predator – At the Earth’s Core” Description: Identical in function to a hand grenade, though the time can be adjusted. Some even bear a resemblance to our own hand grenades, though as with all weapons employed by the hunters, they often vary in appearance. Hand Blade F.A. “Predator – Kindred” Description: A jagged blade which, when held, fits around the fist. Harpoon Gun F.A. “Predator – Hell & Hot Water” Description: A large projectile weapon which fires long, sharp tipped arrows. Used on under water hunts. Heavy Plasma Caster F.A. “AvP – War” Description: A huge gun held to the shoulder like a missile launcher. Used for bringing down entire air craft. Laser Targeting Device F.A. “Predator” Description: These devices project three dots, forming a triangle on their target. Can be used in conjunction with plasma casters and throwing discs. When employed, weapons home in on the laser, giving extra accuracy. These devices are usually located in the mask, but have been witnessed mounted on plasma casters (see “Predator 2”). It is also speculated that spare lasers are carried elsewhere, should the mask be misplaced during a hunt. Mask F.A. “Predator” Description: Worn around the face and top of the head, these masks have several features such as including zoom and the ability to display various spectrums such as light and heat. In hot areas such as jungles it is speculated that they can filter out atmospheric heat so that the hunter can see it’s target more clearly. Also filter breathable air from the surrounding atmosphere giving the wearer an inexhaustible supply. Typically, each hunter’s mask will be unique, though it is not unknown for hunters in the same clan to have identical masks. Medi comp F.A. “Aliens versus Predator” PC Game Description: Built into the wrist gauntlet, this device assesses injuries and diagnostics. Medkit F.A. “Predator” Description: A kit usually mounted on the back, which contains surgical equipment and medical treatments. Very painful, but extremely effective. Naginata F.A. “Aliens versus Predator” CCG Description: Ceremonial fighting staff with a blade at one or both ends. Neuro Toxin (Dart Gun Ammunition) F.A. “AvP – Alien Resurrection” CCG Expansion Description: Poisonous projectiles that cause prey to feel drowsy, thereby making them slower. Plasma Caster F.A. “Predator” Description: Usually worn on the shoulder, this fires a ball of energy towards prey. The power can be adjusted to lightly daze the prey or, more frequently, rip a hole straight through them. The projectiles home in on a laser which is emitted from the mask, though how it is fired is not known. It has been reported that in case of malfunction, a second Plasma Caster is concealed within one of the wrist gauntlets (see “Predator 2”). Scatter Gun F.A. “Aliens versus Predator” CCG Description: A popular choice on alien hunts. Similar to a high – tech shotgun. Self Destruct F.A. “Predator” Description: A nuclear device built into one of the wrist gauntlets. If a hunter is defeated it may try to activate it’s Self Destruct in an attempt to kill it’s prey, killing itself in the process. Shuriken darts F.A. “Predator – Strange Roux” Description: Fired from the wrist gauntlet, these are akin to the shuriken stars used by ninja assassins. They are fired with such force that they are capable of going straight through their target. Side Blade F.A. “AvP – Prey” Description: A small, standard issue knife. Snare Trap F.A. “Predator – Cold War” Description: Two snare – like traps have been reported from an incident in Siberia. One snapped closed around a soldier’s sides, piercing him with dozens of spikes; while another, smaller version clamped around his colleagues wrist, causing him to drop his weapon. Spear Gun F.A. “Aliens versus Predator” PC Game Description: When not in use this appears to be nothing more than a tube. When activated it transforms into something that has been likened to a futuristic sniper rifle. It fires small spears swiftly and silently over a long distance. Sword F.A. “Predator 2” Description: Long, extremely sharp blade, often with jagged or serrated edges. Hunters have also been observed using swords taken from humans (see “Dark Horse Comics: Predator – Blood Feud” & “Predator – Xenogenesis”). Throwing Disc F.A. “Predator 2” Description: A sharp edged disc that is hurled towards prey and automatically returns to it’s owner. It can also be used as a close combat duelling weapon. These weapons are available in wide array of shapes and sizes. Tracking Device F.A. “Predator – Concrete Jungle” Description: A circular device with small claws around the edge which latch on to prey, enabling hunters to pin point their target’s location. Venom Cloud Module F.A. “AvP – Alien Resurrection” CCG Expansion Description: Wrist gauntlet attachment which sprays a cloud of toxic gas. Wrist Blades F.A. “Predator” Description: Extremely sharp extendable blades which are fixed to the wrist gauntlet. Usually used for close combat, though on one occasion, the hunter reportedly launched the blades towards it’s attacker when cornered (see “Superman versus Predator”). Whether this is a standard feature is unknown. There are normally two of these blades, though one hunter reportedly had three (see “Predator – Bad Blood”). [Discuss in Forums]

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