Levels: Predator

by the_demigod
    |     AvP 1 by Rebellion
Outline of levels within the game [ Levels: Marine | Levels: Alien | Discuss in Forums ] You've survived years of training under seasoned Predators, passed through the difficult Bloodying rituals, and now, you're a Hunter in your own right. Prove it... WATERFALL Entrance to Weyland-Yutani 'Area 52' Instalation Security patrol teams on alert status. Area 52 'Area 42' Xenobiological Research Installation Locaion of contained Predator ship. Unautorised access detected. Security personel mobilised. VAULTS Xenobiological Storage Facility Captive Predator moved from holding pen to experimentation cell. Pistol and Disc collected from predator ship. FURY 161 'Fury 161' Smelting Plant Extreme Xenomorph infestation. USCM Recon Team en route. CAVERNS USCM Controlled Xenomorph Habitat Specimen acquisition in progress. Queen activity detected. BATTLE Queen's Birthing Chamber Bonus Levels: INVASION Weyland-Yutani Atmosphere Processor Extreme Xenomorph infestation apparent. USCM team in control of lower areas. ESCAPE Weyland-Yutani field laboratory Investigation of adjacent temple in progress. Special equipment - Grappling Hook TEMPLE Temple of unknown origin USCM evacuation in progress. Severe Xenomorph infestation. Special equipment - Grappling Hook. EARTHBOUND 'Gateway' Docking Umbilical Massive containment breach. Unknown intruder detected in Dock 4. TYRARGO USCM Costanoga class cruiser 'Tyrargo' Xenoborg cargo in transit. Special equipment- Grappling Hook. [ Levels: Marine | Levels: Alien | Discuss in Forums ]

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