Staff wanted!

by the_demigod
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Who we need and for what... Wanna join AbsoluteAvP?? We need: - News Junkies--peeople involved with the AvP community, the general gaming world, who wanna share their knowledge/insight with our visitors. - Art Director--to take care of the artistic expressions that come from the AvP community. - Mod Reviewers--to take care of the various mods coming from the AvP Community. - Hardware Freaks--to advise our visitors about the best possible hardware gaming solutions. - Essayists/Article Writers--doing what we do best--creating an enhanced universe. - People fluent in OTHER languages [non-English] to build up non-English sections of the site. Staff with us!! Get into the community in a BIG way!! Apply now!!!! As a staff member you will have acces to our WEB SERVER SPACE!!! So, if you're planning on, or running a personal project, our webspace is YOUR webspace!! You'll get a sub-domain, access to a mySQL database, emails etc. ALL for the aspiring Site Master!!

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