General outline

by the_demigod
    |     AvP 2 by Monolith
Outline of the Sequel
Finally, Fox decided to unleash another game from the most feared Universe in existence. Taking over from Rebellion, are the guys and gals from Monolith, creators of the award winning NOLF [No One Lives Forever]. Utilising their Lithtech engine [version 2.5 no less of the LithTech Development System], Monolith will immerse the player into the deadly world of aliens, Predators and Marines with unmatching depth and quality. Gameplay will be even more mindblowing than in the first game. Having experienced NOLF, we can surely expect enhanced AI/bot behaviour, while the graphics will be breath taking [for those with good rigs and BIG screens...] Storyline: Having learned from the initial game, this time the story MUST have been deepened. The story takes up the mantle thrown down by "Aliens" [the movie]. Away from the well-known planet LV426, science proves to be the ultimate downfall, as experiments on the alien species go out of control [surprise?] and LV1201 becomes the next breeding ground. As in the movie, the Colonial Marines are despatched to investigate. Logically, a lot of bad things begin to happen. As in the previous game, Predators join in the mayhem. This is from the manufacturer: [The game] combines elements, creatures, and settings from the hit movies: Aliens; and Predator, in three unique, interlocking, character-driven stories where aliens, predators, and human marines share one powerful trait-the enduring will to survive. Each story unfolds from the perspective of a young Marine Corporal, a newly emerged Alien, and a Predator on the hunt. Self-preservation is a priority for the characters but each has its own underlying objective-the marine to find other humans, the Alien to save its queen and race, and the Predator to find distinction and honour in the hunt, And only one species can emerge victorious... Single Player: Play as Alien, Predator, or a Colonial Marine-each armed unique new weapons and abilities 21 intense single player missions set in 3 interlocking storylines
Multiplayer Play as 1 of 10 characters in 12 multiplayer levels including Species Team Maps and Deathmatch Game types include survivor, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Hunt Marine: You're a young bloke named Harrison. Your squad mates will be killed off one by one as the action gets INTENSE. Alien: Newly hatched you'll have to... kill everybody. NEW: Physical abilities that make it more lethal than ever before Predator: Out on a Hunt with your fellow Predators you are having fun on LV1201. The humans are a bit of a nuisance in your quest for alien skulls [trophies], but you'll deal with them too... NEW: Net gun and two-handed spear Summary: NONE...yet. Until the game comes out we're left to our own imagination [and mine is very VIVID].

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