Heavy Predator Tactics

by Scorpion King[dogz]
    |     AvP 2 by Monolith
How To Succeed As A Heavy Predator Ahh, the Heavy Pred probably the most unused pred. This is so because people don't like to move slow, not to mention it has 4 weapons only! However, to a skilled pred user, it's high resistance to weaponry is invaluble. STAYING THE **** STILL!! Ok, something I have noticed among pred users is they want to to be "honorable" by using heavy pred and end up running up to a queen and getting their organs re-arranged. HPs might be strong, but their not that damn strong. HPs are good for people who mind getting only 20 frags, but end up not dieing once. Staying still is important because they are slow, a marine could outrun them, so waiting till a marine walks by you is much better that eating his dust. Even if an alien rears it's ugly face, it's better to stay still and let it come to you. THE DREADED FRSIBESS OF DECAPITATION Ok, you are the most honorable pred by using spear blah blah blah. That's bullshit, only people who actually think they are preds do this(the fat guy who hides behind a plant and trys to scare his mom but gets backhanded). The way I see it, the disk is a melee weapon that just happens to track. Although this is always looked down on, the disk is easily dodged at long distances. So using it at close range is way smarter. It is especially useful against the retarded marines that charge at you from like, 50 ft away. The Arnold Schwolenpecker of the Preds Probably the most noticeable of the HP is his armor. He is a tough one and that does come in handy. Since he is mostly melee, extra armor is a life saver. If you are reg pred and decide to net a marine and go up to him to spear him, many time he ends up blowen yo ass off in his desperate attempt to take you with him. But the heavy pred often survives this since he has extra toughness. Basically do not be afraid of a suicidal marine. Many times I have seen people net and disk, and many times I have seen them lose weight( bullet holes) because they take so much time and are afraid of a bruise. It's really annoying when you see so many times. This is my first essay it might have not helped you, and I might have gone off topic. Email me if any pro writers have any advice.

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