Levels: Alien

by the_demigod
    |     AvP 1 by Rebellion
Outline of levels within the game [ Levels: Marine | Levels: Predator | Discuss in Forums ] TEMPLE Temple of unknown origin Phase 2 of USCM investigation in progress. Lower levels of artifact secured "Our Temple has been violated. Eliminate the intruders and seal all the exits!" ESCAPE Weyland-Yutani Field Laboratory Preliminary specimen analysis and sterilisation in progress. Low orbit transit shuttle expected. "Leave Lab and infiltrate human base. Then escape!" FERARCO Weyland-Yutani General Purpose Freighter 'Ferarco' Crew complement 50. Cargo- Unknown. Destination- Unknown. "Sabotage the ship and kill the crew!" GATEWAY Deep Space Freigt Terminal 'Gateway' Weyland-Yutani secure R&D tower. Specimen containment systems nominal. "The vessel has docked. Hive resence can be felt. Seek it!" Earthbound Gateway Docking Umbilical Specimen relay in progress. R&D tower locked off due to containment breach. Earthbound shuttle craft approaching. "Hive eggs have been taken. Find them!" Bonus Levels: Invasion USCM personnel attempting repair of systems. Temporary power generators installed. Xenomorph infestation under control by USCM teams. Derelict Weyland-Yutani Bioweapons Research facility on LV-426. Heavy USCM presence. Tyrargo USCM Costanoga class crusier 'Tyrargo'. Full crew complement. Hangar deck security systems active. Caverns USCM controlled Xenomorph habitat. USCM specimen acquisition in progress. Predator threat approaching. Fury 161 'Fury 161' Smelting plant. Strong USCM presence attempting Xenomorph neutralisation. [ Levels: Marine | Levels: Predator | Discuss in Forums ]

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