Predator 2

by Hicks
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Everything about the Predator's visit to L.A.

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Released: 1990 Rated: Restricted Running Time: 108 Minutes Tagline: Silent. Invisible. Invincible. He''s in town with a few days to kill. A 20th Century Fox Production Story: Jim Thomas, John Thomas Director: Stephen Hopkins Producer: Terry Carr, John Davis, Lawrence Gordon, Tom Joyner, Lloyd Levin, Michael Levy, Joel Silver, Suzanne Todd Creature Creation: Stan Winston Original Music: Alan Silvestri Cast: Kevin Peter Hall as The Predator Danny Glover as Harrigan Gary Busey as Keyes Rubén Blades as Danny Maria Conchita Alonso as Leona Bill Paxton as Jerry Robert Davi as Captain Heinemann Adam Baldwin as Garber Kent McCord as Captain Pilgrim Morton Downey Jr. as Tony Pope Calvin Lockhart as King Willie Steve Kahan as Sergeant Henry Kingi as El Scorpio Corey Rand as Ramon Vega Elpidia Carrillo as Anna Lilyan Chauvin as Irene Edwards Michael Edmondson as Gold Tooth Teri Weigel as Columbian Girl William R. Perry as Subway Gang Leader Alex Chapman as Subway Gang Gerard G. Williams as Subway Gang John Cann as Subway Gang Michael Papajohn as Subway Gang Louis Eppolito as Patrolman Charlie Hauck as Charlie Sylvia Kauders as Ruth Charles David Richards as Commuter Julian Reyes as Juan Beltran Casey Sander as Federal Team Pat Skipper as Federal Team Carmine Zozzora as Federal Team Valerie Karasek as Reporter Chuck Boyd as Reporter David Starwalt as Reporter Abraham Alvarez as Reporter Jim Ishida as Reporter George Christy as Reporter Lucinda Weist as Reporter Richard Anthony Crenna as Paramedic Billy ''Sly'' Williams as Paramedic Paulo Tocha as Detective Nick Corri as Detective DeLynn Binzel as Hooker Tom Finnegan as Officer Patience Moore as Officer Kashka as Jamacian Jeffrey Reed as Jamacian Carl Pistilli as Cop on Phone Vonte Sweet as Sweet Ronn Moss as Jerome Brian Levinson as Anthony Diana James as Leona''s Friend Beth Kanar as Woman Officer Paul Abascal as Cop Michael Wiseman as Cop Story Synopsis: L.A. is in turmoil. Gang wars are tearing the city apart and police detective Harrigan and his squad are on the front lines But someone else wants in on the action. An unseen warrior begins to take down gang members, fueling the hatred between two rival drug trafficking organizations. The strange murders have also peaked the interest of a team of federal agents who begin to take over Harrigan''s investigation. Against the police chief''s orders, Harrigan continues to track down the new player in town. In the process, some of Harrigan''s team are killed by the Predator, making it a personal score to settle. While tracking the Predator into the warehouse section of town, Harrigan is intercepted by the FBI team lead by Agent Peter Keyes. Keyes informs Harrigan that they''ve been tracking the extraterrestrial for weeks, learning his hunting and feeding patterns. They''ve located a slaughterhouse where the beast comes to eat every three days, and have laid a trap to capture it. But the FBI''s plan backfires and the Predator kills most of Keyes team. Harrigan rushes into the warehouse just in time to see Keyes cut in half by the predator''s disk weapon. Harrigan fights off the Predator with his shotgun and follows as the creature retreats to his spacecraft. Inside, Harrigan and the Predator battle to the death with Harrigan coming out on top. But he''s not out of danger yet - there are several more Predators onboard the spacecraft. But it seems they have respect for someone who managed to defeat one of their own, and allow Harrigan to leave before blasting off in their ship. The predator''s leave Harrigan with a memento of the encounter, a 19th century musket - it seems the predator species have been visiting Earth for some time. When will their next visit be?

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