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Released: 1987 Rated: Restricted Running Time: 107 Minutes Tagline: Nothing like it has ever been on Earth before. A 20th Century Fox Production Story: Jim Thomas, John Thomas Director: John McTiernan Producer: John Davis, Lawrence Gordon, Beau Marks, Laurence Pereira, Joel Silver, Jim Thomas, John Vallone Creature Effects: Stan Winston Original Music: Alan Silvestri Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch Carl Weathers as Dillon Elpidia Carrillo as Anna Bill Duke as Mac Jesse Ventura as Blain Sonny Landham as Billy Richard Chaves as Poncho R.G. Armstrong as Major General Phillips Shane Black as Hawkins Kevin Peter Hall as Predator Story Synopsis: Hired by the CIA, Major Dutch Schaefer leads his team of commandos deep into a South American jungle to rescue a U.S. helicopter crew, and foreign cabinet minister, from local guerilla forces. Suspicions as to the true nature of the mission arise after the downed helicopter is found, with the crew dead and skinned. The team continues on to take out the guerilla base where Dutch realizes his team was used to do the CIA's dirty work. There was no cabinet minister, the guerillas needed to be eliminated and Dutch's squad was the best team to carry the job out. Irate, Dutch orders the commandos to head to the extraction point, with a captured female guerilla fighter, Anna, in tow. But, on the way back, it's quickly discovered that they are being followed. Something is in the jungle with them. Watching them. Hunting them. The commandos begin to be picked off one by one by this unseen alien predator. After Dutch and his men setup camp it becomes apparent they are dealing with something more than mere human in nature. In a desperate attempt to reach the extraction coordinates, the squad tries to outrun their hunter, but only Dutch and Anna are left alive. Dutch holds his ground to fight the creature while Anna continues to flee. Outgunned, Dutch manages to escaped when a mudslide carries him off a cliff into a river below. But the hunter isn't far behind. Dutch discovers that if he masks his body heat with mud, he can appear invisible to the alien. Armed with only his commando knife and other basic makeshift weapons, Dutch seeks out to hunt the hunter. In an unlucky turn of events, Dutch finds himself face-to-face with the otherworldly predator. Hand-to-hand combat ensues with Dutch reeling from the creature's massive strength. Dutch manages to make it back to his camp where he has several traps set to kill the predator. Just as the predator moves in for the kill, Dutch triggers the trap and a massive log smashes down onto its head. In a last attempt to kill its prey, and itself, honorably the predator initiates a self-destruct system. But Dutch manages to get out of range of the massive explosion, later to be found by Anna and the CIA rescue helicopter.

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