Movie is OUT !!!

by Prezes
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So everyone in the UK is missing in action as they are in their local cinemas watching the movie. To give you something to read about, for those that have already seen in back in August and are awaiting the return of us Brits from the silver screens, there is a new article on Bill Paxton. He has been in many movies and is the only one that can say he has been killed by a Terminator, a Alien (Xeno), and a Predator. He has also danced with Tornados, fought with gun-slingers, tried to seduce the wife of a secret agent whilst working as a car salesman, survived the accidents of his attempt to land on the moon, faced the mighty ice-burg whilst on the 'unsinkable' ship, getting killed outside his sub to allow the stealing of an Enigma machine, fallen of Mt Everest, lead Rescue International.... What more can I say !!!! Read about the man, now !

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