AvP: Extinction

by Annonymous
    |     AvPRTS
I'm probably just being retarded since probably all of you already know, but there is an AvP RTS on the way, and it's headed to the Xbox first. It's called AVP Extinction, and it's made by EA. Since I subscribe to Official Xbox Magazine, I've seen screenshots and, sadly, it's still pretty ugly. It's texture resolutions are quite possibly worse than original AVP on low res at the moment, yet I've heard that the gameplay is supposed to be unique, in a way. Don't start sweating (if you've never heard this before) just yet if you only own a computer, because I'm sure that it will eventually head to the PC. Another thing I'm being retarded about since EVERYONE should know by now, but Halo 2 is coming out, and it's being planned for the PC (that might just be a rumor, though). It will hit Xbox in late spring 2004. Just thought you all should know since it's like the best Xbox game I've ever played. Seeya all online (me b Sergeant Jason) P.S.: Xbox roks and Halo's the best (other than AVP 2.

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