Aliens vrs Predator Freeware

by 1ML
    |     AvP
Ok this is the last peice of news i will be posting (i hope). I thank the AvP fans and the people who played my game for their support but that edition was only a beta version. What really need are people who are willing to make sprites for my game. Its simple and if youre interested please e-mail me at only apply if you really intend on doing this (not like the other six morons i had before). The characters i need to make are a real alien drone, alien queen, predator (another, doesnt matter what), a sinthetic human, colonist, smart gunner, dropship pilot and a human general. Any other AvP realated characters will also be accepted. Untill then 1ML (also i'd like to thank for featuring me that was a blast now is only saw my star wars game....)

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