The Alien Experience - Revamp

by SM
    |     AvPCommunity
Site Director of the rather spiffy Alien Experience has just issued this press release... "After a few months of inactivity on the news front, and updates to the site itself, we are back online at our new home on the AbsoluteAvP servers (big thanks go out to Prezes and the_demigod). We have a whole new design, and a ton of new content, and for the first time we are proud to say ALL pages and sections are open! But, in the weeks and months to come, we will add further content such as video and audio clips, picture galleries, fan fiction, outtakes, memorabilia information, plus more news and information on the Alien 5 and Aliens vs. Predator film rumors. As well, we will add more content on the Aliens vs. Predator 2 video game, and pending video game titles for the PS2 and PC CD-ROM. Not to mention updating you on current and upcoming Alien and Aliens vs. Predator comic titles from Dark Horse. Basically, we will be adding even more content to what we think is the most complete Alien franchise site on the Internet today. So, browse the site, comment on the new look and new content, and keep coming back for more." The Alien Experience

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